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Attention: The leagues that are using handicaps must now use their player average as their handicap for any player who has shot atleast 3 weeks.  Any player who has yet to shoot 3 weeks will use the starting handicap from the roster. 

Attention: Please notice that the rules have been updated again.  We have added a rule in the "Game" section of the rules.  The rule applies to questions during a match.  Please refer to the official rule during league play but to summarize; you must ask your opposing player any questions regarding your match first. YOU MAY NOT CONSULT YOUR CAPTAIN/TEAM FOR ADVISE UNLESS YOU AND YOUR OPPOSING PLAYER ARE UNABLE TO RESOLVE THE PROBLEM/QUESTION.

Week # 22 Stats and Standings are posted. 

The Pool League Banquet will be held at Pop A Top on Saturday, April 26th @ 1:00pm.  There will be a scotch doubles tournament benefiting Stepping Stones.  We will take the first 64 people who register and pay the $20 entry per person at Pop A Top.  Please contact Pop A Top with any questions.

  If you  have any problems, please feel free to either call Doug and Roxanne at Pop A Top, 304-278-8042.

Check out our Pop A Top Tavern website: www.popatoptavern.com